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From the book with the same name by Ken Alstad

"Careful is a naked man climbin' a bobwire fence."

"You kin wash your hands but not your conscience."

"Whisky makes a man see double and feel single."

"Lightning does the work; thunder takes the credit."

"A six-gun might cripple you but buckshot means buryin."

"Stay shy of a man who's all gurgle 'n no guts."

"If your horse knew how puny you were, he'd stomp you to death."

"Never pack a 6-gun with 6 pills in the wheel. If you can't get the job done with 5 shots, it's time to get the **** out of there."

"A politician can borrow $20, pay back $10 and declare you're even 'cause you both lost $10."

"By the rules of gunfighting, the loser is wrong."

"A self-made man worships his creator."
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