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Some Thoughts and Short Poems

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"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength."
-Indian Proverb

A sorrow shared is but half a trouble,
But a joy that's shared is joy made double.
-Old Proverb

Life with Christ is an endless hope, without him a hopeless end.

TRUE FAITH is not what we see or feel,
It is simply to trust
In what the Word has said of Christ
Who maketh sinners just.

If your cup is running over,
Blessings really piling up,
Look around and you might notice
Someone with an empty cup!
-Len G. Selle

The Rope
When a man reaches the end of his rope, he comes to the beginning of God. -Edward A. Gloeggler

I've found a little remedy
To ease the life we live,
And make each day a happier one,
It is the word, "Forgive"!

A Thought
Two things upon this changing earth
can neither change nor end; the
splendor of Christ's humble birth,
the love of friend for friend.

Faith and Doubt
Doubt sees the obstacles,
Faith sees the way;
Doubt sees the blackest night,
Faith sees the day;
Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high;
Doubt questions, "Who believes?"
Faith answers, "I."

Loneliness may visit,
but it never can possess,
a heart where God's love lingers
and where his spirit rests.
-Dianne W. Brown

To share joy is to show love,
To show love is to know God,
To know God is to do good,
To do good is to spread happiness.
-Carolina S. Kotowicz

Polite Prayer
The polite part of speaking with God
is to be still long enough to listen.
-Edward A. Gloeggler

Loneliness is being unaware of One that is with us everywhere.
-Edward A. Gloeggler

Listless Moments
Listless moments spent in flight
lost forever, a fool's delight
Lasting moments spent in prayer,
Saved forever in heaven's care.
-Bill Twomey

Little Things
It's the little things we do and say
That mean so much as we go our way.
A kindly deed can lift a load
From weary shoulders on the road,
Or a gentle word, like summer rain,
May soothe some heart and banish pain.
What joy or sadness often springs
From just the simple little things!
-Willa Hoey

God's Design
Philosophers may reason why
But I won't take the time,
I only know I'm here on earth
Because of God's design.
So I will just continue on
And do the best I can.
And know that God will do the rest
Because He made the Plan.
-Ed Kane

I am the Way.
Follow Me.
I am the Life.
Live in Me and celebrate.
I am the Door.
Enter in to forgiveness and acceptance.
I am the Vine.
Join yourself to Me and begin to grow.
I am the Shepherd.
Accept My love and care and leadership.
I am the Light of the World.
Light your life from Mine
And open up the dark places of this world.
-Mona Rogers Burchette
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