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Sorry no!

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No I haven't tried them. Heard of them but they are a bit expensive for me. I heard that Midwest Shooters had them.

The 275's should be good down there for Brinks trucks.:)
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Nosler 225 Whelen's

I found a bunch of these on Ebay so I bought them. I used to have trouble feeding the 7600 until I got these things. I did strainghten the clip a bit, it has been shipped about 10,000 miles! Can't fault Rem. on that.

The streamlined shape allows me to crimp them way out there and they are about touching the end of the clip. They shoot great! I had some Sierra 225's and hit one moose from about nine yards with those. It dropped like your deer, not one step, a red flume sprewed out 18" up into the air like a blown tire. I have never been that close to an animal to see the results of a bullet that size. Affects ---awesome!

I have shot 8+ caribou with the 225's also. No question on their ability to do the job. One bou was already hit with a .338. I think my hole was bigger but don't tell Mark that. He loves his .338. Red squrriels are no contest either although the 225's do destroy a bit too much meat for that application.

I just love the Whelen, doesn't blow stuff up like the mags. do, recoil isn't bad except at extended rage sessions, easy on the cases, have to try hard to screw up reloading it, great cartridge history too!

Just wish I could find one in left hand. :toast:
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