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Hi all, this is my first post on this sight as I have just discovered it. I am new to BPCR so I do have a few questions. My first BCR is a new Pedersoli (falling block) silhouette model that was imported by Navy Arms. I have started of with smokeless powder along with some of LeadHeads 425 gascheck bullets. It was recomended on another sight that I use 3031, so that it what I started with. Another fellow mentioned that IMR 4198 might be a better choice? As for the 3031, I have fifty rounds loaded up and started at 40grains, and end at 44grns. From what I have gathered, the 3031 should reach its max at 47grains. So how does all of that sound to you? What I am looking for is a good stout load that will be kind to my new toy, and not so kind to a wild piggie if I do happen to run accross one :twisted:
Fo what its worth, I will be loading up some 525 Postells and 530grain Saecos with FFG for next weekend for targetting work.
Also. can you tell me what this action is rated for pressure wise, and what would be a good operating pressure?

Thanks PD

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I have the Lyman data sheet that comes with that bullet (Lyman Postell #2841565) laying in front of me rat now. It sez use 36.0 grains uv !MR 3031 for 1204 fps and 11,600 CUP for a starting load up to a MAX of 41.0 grains for 1409 fps and 18,000 CUP. I believe that should be considered an absolute MAX load in your rifle.

I have found IMR 3031 to be about the best of the smokeless powders to use in the .45-70 for duplication of old BP load levels.

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