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spinal shots

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if you a doe in the spine directly above her back with a .270 will she drop or just run off? my bro. n law shot a doe in the ass and she dropped and didnt move or anything i was jusst wondering thanks alot

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If thats where he hit her he broke her back she wont go any further. :D JIM

he shot her right in her butt i dont know where exactyl thats just what he told me i was wondering if it is a good shot we only have 100 acres to hunt on there are lots of deer and i need a shot that will drop em fast i was thinking of a neck shot but heard it wasnt humane or something i want to shoot a deer one time and i dont like seeing anything suffer well ttyl


i dont plan on shooting one in the but i will shoot for the heart lung area if i shoot one in the head will it drop? the place we hunt ,ost shots are about 25 or so yds soetimes 50 to 75 my bro. inlaw hunts with a .222 rem. i know its small but will it work he hasnt shot a deer with it yet


im not going to shoot one in the spine i was just woindering and thanks for all yalls responses i will shoot in the heart/lung area or the neck for quick clean kills i am getting really anctious to get one havent got one this year i just have to keep my head on straight and do whats responsible

heasd shots are also to tricky in my opinion....the head moves alot, so you may pull the shot.....if youre comfortable with it, go for it though....i hit my does this year at around 200 yards with a neck shot.....i know its not the best area to hit, but i went for it....i was using ammo to big , IMO, for deer, so i didnt want to aim for the heart and lungs and really ruin meat....if for whatever reason it paralyzed her, i would have just slit her throat....anyway....i hit not only her spine, but her trake(sp?) and jugular....she died should have seen the sheer amoun of blood lose, i dont think she ever knew what happened.

If you read the forums you know Im a big backer of the neck shot. I have never in 30 years of hunting had a deer ever leave its tracks when hit in the neck. First of alll you need to be able to make a good shot ,If you can't stay out of the deer woods untill you can. But the neck shot with its hydroststic shcok to the spine I feel is the ONLY way to go.
I'd say it depends on what you're hunting with. But an complete rear view shot is bad juju any way you go. A quick grunt will usually stop the deer and it'll turn to try and verify the sound. Then you've got Loredobob's neck shot (if you've practiced with your weapon and know it's and your capabilities) or wait until you get a better angle. Angle in from the aft quarter, broadside or through the shoulder from the front angle. All go through the vitals and the deer is dead. I personally like the forward or rear angle, that way I go through vitals and take out one front shoulder, this causes minimal loss of meat in the sausage pile but the deer's not going anywhere, most they've ever run on me with a well placed shot is 25 yards. Don't take the rear view, only take the neck if you know what you're doing and can make the shot (+/- 2 inches vertically at the range you're shooting).
Helicopter Bill
neck shot

I agree that the lung shot is the best shot. There are occasions when I take the neck shot, such as if it is late in the day,nearly dark and I don't want to track in the dark. I go for the base of the neck.As the deer moves his head around, his neck will also move. The base of the neck holds still. This is also the front of the shoulders. Right where the neck joins the body, go back about 2 inches towards the tail. Go about 5 inches down from the top of the deer. The target is the spine, which in this area is larger than it is in the middle of the neck. You also will hit the shoulder blade, and the bullet or some bone shrapnel will hit the lungs. The target is smaller than the lung shot, but if I am closer than 75 yards and have my rifle with scope I go for it. I have made this shot about ten times and every deer dropped in its tracks.
I hit my doe in the spine this year...

First time out hunting w. my .357, iron sighted. She took two steps and I was running out of time, so my planned heart/lung shot went back and up and took out her spine (40 yards). She dropped quick, but a 2nd shot was required to finish the job. At the time, I did not know that I had hit the spine. Had I known, I'd have approached her more rapidly and ended the proceedings quicker. The time I waited between initial shot/kill shot was about 20 minutes, it won't be that long next time.

I've been actively hunting deer for about 6 years now, and I learn something new every year. This year, it was how a deer behaves when it is spine shot. They don't run.
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