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Just like a Turkey Call

Using a Squirrel Call is similar to using a Turkey Call. In order to be effective, you've got to learn the squirrel language. If you learn to use it effectively, it works quite well. I've also got the Knight and Hale Squirrel Call kit with audio tape.
If you make the short, hard 'bark' it is a WARNING BARK, and they will either hide or become very cautious. If you use the short, rapid bark sequence it resembles "squirrel chatter" and they'll often be attracted to it. Another one that works, during the nesting season, is the young squirrel "distress call".... kind of sounds like a "dying rabbit call" (it can also be used as a coyote or varmint call too). The tape points out that there is a difference in the call sequences for either gray/red squirrels and the larger fox squirrels.
It works for me. The best thing to really do is to sit in an area that the squirrels are very active in and just listen to them when they are being "vocal". If you can repeat those sounds, then you will be effective. If one makes the "warning bark", you'll immediately notice how most of them react to it.... most activity ceases until they can locate the source of the "warning" or enough time passes for them to get active again.

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