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Squirrel guns

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Thinking of trying to find a nice double-barrel in 410 ga or maybe even 20. Wondering what scatterguns are the best for squirrel and rabbit?

Been using a 22 for the past few years and does the job real well, but I would like to have a nice shotgun just for a change up. Anyone know of a decent double-barrel in 410 ga on the market right now?

any suggestions?
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Squirrel Gun

I enjoy squirrel hunting a lot. I usually use a 22 rifle but, I will ocassionally use a 12 ga shotgun with a full choke. I have used a 410 before and didn't care for it very much. Your range is really limited to about 20 yards. I have shot squirells well within 20 yards and had them get back up and run off before I could reload the gun. With a 12ga you can take them out to 40 yards with a good full choke. I have never used a 20 ga but, I would assume that it would work okay. Go out and buy a Remington 870 in a 20ga.
First gun I ever bought was a Savage model 24 22 over a 20. Had it 28 years now, and still the best squirrel gun I have ever owned. They still make them, only with an ugly synthetic stock, but get one and you will be happy!
It's hard to belive but here in Sweden squirell hunting was banned recentry! For no reason other than so few hunted squirells that the game- manegment thougt it just as well be banned!

Keep the tradition alive wherever you live!
We only have rabbits in the most southern part. The can't live upp here for they would freez stuck in thier holes in the winter! This in the far north you know....hares are plenty thou! And I'm gonna kill the next squirrel I see, just to feel good about myself!
Never hunted squirrel before. I have a couple of 12 gauges, but would prefer getting a lighter single shot. Which would be better 410 or 20? Also if 20, what choke - full or mod?
I believe the 20 ga. to be far superior to the .410 bore for most any hunting use. Choke really depends on the distance to target. If you are shooting them out of the tops of trees then a FC would do best. All around a Modified is hard to beat. IF a double with interchangeable choke tubes a combo of IC an F is ideal.

For the past 8-10 years I have taken out my marlin model 60 semi .22. It is a good gun to get the job done. Before that and still every once in awhile I take out my no name 20 guage single. It is a break barrel. It was my first firearm I got. We got it at some store(like a walmart of the day). It is full choke and will shoot 3" mags. I bet I have killed more things with that gun than any other gun I have had. Light accurate and easy to shoot and clean.
20 for Squirrels

WNA: I've gone from a 12 guage to a double bbl 20 ga Coach Gun by IGA. I picked the darn thing up on a lark, looking for a front door opener and after a couple of trips afield found I enjoyed it much more than either of my 12 guages. The Coach Gun has a pair of nice short bbls and is very handy to use and quick to bring to bear. It's also pretty nice for trying to get through brushy areas and not having it hang up.

The only problem I found was in trying to mount a sling. I finally had to take one of the sling swivel bases that gets screwed into the spacer between the bbls and both bedded and screwed that to the forestock - works great. HTH. Mikey.
squrirrel gunz

thing is, a 410 double barrel is bout as rare as a hens tooth and kinda high to buy. the only 410,s ya see are either single barrels, which can be had pretty cheap or mossberg pumps that run about 175 to 250 bucks. the doubles are out there but are very exspensive from what ive seen. this is jus my observations. twas me, id get a 20 ga and enjoy the wider selection and much cheaper shells. but jus so you know, win is makin the lever 94 in 410, saiga is makin the ak in 410! try the win for what youd pay for a double! the 410 is cool for small game but yu got to know its limitations and also that fast second shot can be handy. happy huntin! oh and share them tree rat recipes!
Ha, I got me a .410 double...Belonged to my grandpappy.
A guy I grew up with has a O/U .410 if I remember correctly it was made in Japan, cant remember who made it. He never shoots it, just keeps it in a closet. I've often wondered if he still has it and if he might trade.
squirrell guns

hey woodchuck....... you lucky dog!
I've squirrel hunted with many different guns and gauges. My favorite is a 22. But I also like using my .410 single shot as well as my .28 ga double barrel and been known to use my 870 in 20 ga.

Dave H.
I like the 410 more for rabbits than squirrel. Seems like there hide is a lot tougher. I just use 2 1/2" shells though. Both of my double .410s are only good for 20 yards or so, perfect for jumping up rabbits. I usually take my old 11-48 20 gauge out for squirrel. I've killed a lot of them with the 12s and 16s but the sharp upward angle puts to much recoil on my shoulder these days.
Stoeger makes a fine double for the money, I don't know hom much you intend to spend, seems like they run $150-$500 depending on model and grade. The field grades are perfect for hunting and run in the $150-$250 range. If you get a 410 don't bother with removeable chokes, they're no good past 20 yards. Any other gauge, I'd spring for the removeable chokes, that way you can shoot rabbits at 10 yards and squirrels at 40 on the same hunt.
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