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Starter Rifle for grandson

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I want to pick up a gun for my grandson who will be 13 yrs. old next season for varmint/deer. He's not big for his age so something in a low recoil caliber and relatively short LOP would be appropriate. We'll be hunting in northern NY woods 100yds.or less will be the norm. I like the idea of a single for safety reasons and non-intimidating starter. Would a Marlin or Winchester pump in 30/30 be a decent starter?

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I think I would go with either a T/C contender or a NEF single shot in 30/30. You stated that the shots would be in a wooded area and under 100 yds. Any factory load would work well to 200yds and if you handload you can use something like the Nosler 150 gr BT and extend the range just a little if needed. It will have low recoil and a larger diameter bullet than the .243. The T/C as stated above would allow you to change barrels to other cartridges when needed. The plus for the NEF is the lower initial cost.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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