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Starter Rifle for grandson

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I want to pick up a gun for my grandson who will be 13 yrs. old next season for varmint/deer. He's not big for his age so something in a low recoil caliber and relatively short LOP would be appropriate. We'll be hunting in northern NY woods 100yds.or less will be the norm. I like the idea of a single for safety reasons and non-intimidating starter. Would a Marlin or Winchester pump in 30/30 be a decent starter?

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The last three years or so I've been out the local Game Commission Range, seen an awful lot of adults kinda crouched over 13/14 year olds shooting' the NEF Youth models in 243. The kids seem ta be happy enough with them. Out ta the 100 yds you're talking about, an actually somewhat farther than that, the 243 does just fine. Most of the kids didn't seem to have any problem with the recoil, an' it's a light rifle, so the weight was no problem.
They're as accurate as most other rifles out there, so there's no penalty there. Actually, I think the Contenders are even uglier than the NEF's in an Art Deco kinda way.
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