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Stock is beat up??

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My older brother gave my son a nice marlin model 80 22lr but the stock was repaired and a little beat up. I sanded it lightly over the bad spots and over the repaired crack and blended it all in, then went over it all with fine steelwool. I wiped it down and added the first coat of "formby's tung oil finish high gloss" it looks 100% better with just one coat. I will do 3 or 4 coats using fine steelwool inbetween coats. It just makes that old gun look new again and the kid will enjoy this treasure given to him by my brother for years to come. I have even fixed scratches in stocks with formby's also I just steelwooled the scratch to blend it in flush then the whole stock then applied formby's and it looks great again. I hate the muss and fuss with using poly's then it may or may not have runs we just take a chance even if the formbys wears off after years of use i can just redo it again its so easy to use. BigBill

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!! :D
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Re: "New" Gun

jayrh said:
I'll bet it really looks and feels like a new gun to your son. Have used the Formby's myself and have sold several fine looking milsurps finished with it. Congrats to your brother and you for pleasing your son.......J
Your right on the milsurps my mosins look like new I even put light coat on one of my mausers and it looks great. I use the high gloss to see an even coat better and even after it dries if you don't like the high gloss you can lightly steelwool it dull and its still there. I did one of my new sks's and after a few coats it filled in the pores of the stock and it looks great. I have even repaired scratched stocks on modern guns by first lightly using steelwool to blend in the scratch then steelwool the entire stock then use formby's tung oil and it looks new with no hassle it hides the marks. I had one gun (marlin) scratched bad from a handgun I carried for backup while i carried the gun over my shoulder using the sling the handgun marked the rifle stock. Its been marked for years till this fall after using Formbys all summer with great success I figured I would try it and it worked. My son is shocked how good the gun looks and i don't have it together yet I'm going to reblue it too for him. Just to show him how good a job you can do if we apply ourselves that little model 80 looks new. Then we will go plinkin with it soon. BigBill :D
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I vary between Formby's and Tru-Oil, depending on the gun and my mood.
I've got an old Marlin 80DL that needs a little TLC. The stock is in good shape with only minor dings, so I'll just do a few Formby coats on it, and it turn out very nice. My recently acquired CETME will need more work - fore-end is pretty good but I think a trooper pounded in tentstakes with the butt! I'll do some filling, try to get the color to match and give it several coats of Formby's - or at worst I'll paint it. They look pretty good in OD Green, but I really like well-finished wood.
I'm off work for the next week, so plenty of time to clean up these shootin' irons! :wink:

The boy will appreciate the Marlin 80, BigBill. Mine has a heftier stock than on twentytwos nowadays - it really feels like a rifle! It was made before I was born, and will long outlast me! :)
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