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I vary between Formby's and Tru-Oil, depending on the gun and my mood.
I've got an old Marlin 80DL that needs a little TLC. The stock is in good shape with only minor dings, so I'll just do a few Formby coats on it, and it turn out very nice. My recently acquired CETME will need more work - fore-end is pretty good but I think a trooper pounded in tentstakes with the butt! I'll do some filling, try to get the color to match and give it several coats of Formby's - or at worst I'll paint it. They look pretty good in OD Green, but I really like well-finished wood.
I'm off work for the next week, so plenty of time to clean up these shootin' irons! :wink:

The boy will appreciate the Marlin 80, BigBill. Mine has a heftier stock than on twentytwos nowadays - it really feels like a rifle! It was made before I was born, and will long outlast me! :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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