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My favorite method, is simply to yell "woe". It generally works, unless you've been spotted, and sometimes does then. I'm reasonably proficient at running shots, but I prefer to get them stopped, and this works for me.
I even had reason to use it in my job!
I was conductind a funeral in the cemetery, when, during the service, I heard the familliar clip clop of deer hooves. I looked up to see a doe, running down the road in the cemetery, turn, and make right for the mourners. If I had not yelled, and pointed the deer out to those people, it would have hit someone in about two bounds. They all turned, and gasped!, the deer froze for a second, then swapped ends, and jumped right over the front of a mini van parked in the proccession (another gasp). They will have a long lasting, and unusual memory, of their aunts death.
I think, the people, standing motionless amongst the monuments, were not recognized as people by the deer.
The minister was the only other person that saw it comming. She said later she was terrified.
Hunting has it's advantages!

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A whistle is all it takes to stop em most of the time. Neat lil trick an older hunting buddy taught me when I first started out deer huntin. Thought he was nutty but then tried it out of desperation on morning on a big ole buck who just wouldnt stop trottin away from me . One lil whistle and he stopped dead in his heartbeat later he fell dead in those same tracks from a heart shot. :grin:
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