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Strange deer year here!!!

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Strange year here in Indiana... the rut was definitely EARLY... and the deer went totally nocturnal early as well. First year in at least 10 that I did not see the first single deer on opening morning of firearms season. My game camera confirmed what I suspected... they were running at night. By the third week in Nov., all the scrapes had completely been abandoned... In talking to my buds around the country, this seems to have happened nation wide... How bout' you guys... :? BTW, if you use this link, you can see my latest game cam pictures...
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Deer Season

Guys,it was the same here in So.Ga. All the bucks were nocturnal the whole season,I did not see a one.Plenty of scrapes and rubs just no daytime movement.Talked to a friend in Florida tonight and he reported the same about the movement.His camera did not take a single picture in the daylight.Sure is strange that things were the same all over. :D I am CAL.....
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