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Was shooting my 45 LC Saturday for the first time in a while. This barrel is a straight 45LC barrel and not a 45/410. The brass split down the length of the cartridge on two out of three rounds. Th split was in the same place in the chamber. Primers looked normal, kick was normal and there was no other signs of high pressure. These rounds were in a group of 50 reloads and about half had been shot last summer with no problems.

These cases had only been loaded twice. The first time they were on the warm side, but still not near the max. loads for the T/C in the Hornady book. The current loading is down near the crossover point between standard 45LC's and the hotter Contender/Ruger loads.

I am really puzzled why two out of three rounds did this and the others I shot last summer were all fine.

Any ideas?
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