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Strength of Cimmaron Repros

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Fellas: I've been looking really hard at the Cimmaron Arms reproduction 1873s and have wondered about their overall strength, longevity and reliability, especially those with the Cimmaron action jobs.

I would like one to carry as a field piece with reloads that should not be a worry for a pistol made with modern day metals and technology. The reloads wouldn't be anything more than what I would get from a Lyman manual, as I believe that even at moderate velocities of between 800-850, a 250-255 grain SWC would be adequate for everyday shooting.

I do not have bear or hog in my neck of the woods that I would have to worry about. Coyotes are about it for fanged predators (except for my sister, maybe). And I doubt I would hunt with it. It would simply replace one of my 45 autos for when I'm walking through the woods.

I've been looking at a 7.5" 1873 in Cimmaron's Original Finish, the one that makes it look 125 years old, or a 4.75" with a nickle finish.

Does anyone have any experience with these they can share. Thanks. Mikey. :yeah:
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If yuh stay around 800fps yuh won't have any problem with thu SSA clones.I shoot ASM's myself. 900fps is about max with thu 250-255 bullet. But there is no need for it ifin yuh ain't expecting a bar attack. Coy-dogs will have a real bad day though. :) :wink:

You gots a sister? Ya never told us that?
Fanged Predators

RJ: Yes, I have a seester but, I described her as a Fanged Predator. I should have said armed and fanged - she carries an MI Carbine and asks questions for which there is no answer. I don't know where I went wrong raising her. Mikey.
Good for her, I carry an M1 Carbine too and love it. sorry for the side track. :wink:

Fanged Predators

Donna: Thanks for the support. My sister and I went to a gun show a couple of years ago to find her something she could carry afield with her when she was out and about on the large family farm. We saw a couple of carbines and she liked the weight and feel - then she saw the 'one', that had a nice clean stock and great looking metal. I couldn't tell if it was 'new unissued' or an arsenal rework but it certainly looked good. What she liked most was the grenade launcher sight that came mounted on it. We finally removed that and when we went to the range she grouped very nicely at 50 yds and then 100 yds with it. It was easy for her to shoulder, aim and hit with - and with the little recoil of that carbine, she was 'in luv'.

She even got a takedown manual for it and can disassemble and reassemble that carbine in a matter of minutes. I be proud of her. Mikey.
Back to the original issue, Ubertis, I believe... I shot the Texas state Lever action match this weekend in extreme wind. I shot a Marlin 3030 amd did poorly in the wind. The guys that did well in the wind all shot Uberti or Cimmaron: 45-60;40-60; 45-70 and others. These owner competitors don't look to sell otherwise give up their big guns and easily outscored those shooting lighter rounds due the wind.

My Cimarron .44 Special really likes a 240 grain cast lead in the neighborhood of 960fps. It's warmish! Not magnum, but not the load I'd choose for 100 rounds a week. I'd never hesitate to use it on whatever game it was legal to hunt with, and I doubt the gun would turn to junk after 1000 rounds of it.

Unfortunately, it is also the most accurate load that pistol likes, so I don't shoot anything else in it.

I'm headin to the range tomorrow with my Thunderer in .45 Colt loaded with 250gr swc with 8 grs of Unique. Will post a report tomorrow. Might be a tad warm and if so I will back it down to 7.0 and try that but have read from many sources that 8 grains is good to go in the Uberti.
You should consider loading with blackpowder and cast bullets. It's authentic for the cartridge and it's a potent load.
I can't tell if you are talking 44 special or 45 colt. The SAA clones in 45 will handle loads up to something around 12,000 psi, maybe a little more. That is pretty much a regular cartridge from any of the manufacturers. They just won't handle the +P loads. For really heavy loads you will need a Blackhawk.

Update: Here is a quote from Chuck Hawks from his article on high pressure 45 colt loads. "For the purposes of this article, by "high pressure" I mean pressures above the industry accepted SAAMI maximum pressure limit. For the .45 Colt cartridge that is 14,000 psi as measured by the relatively new piezo-electric transducer method, or 15,900 cup as measured by the older copper crusher method."

I said around 12,000 psi and he says the industry standard is 14,000 psi. If you are in the neighborhood with your reloads, go closer to 12,000 than 14,000. You won't know the difference and your gun will last longer.
sixgun_symphony said:
You should consider loading with blackpowder and cast bullets. It's authentic for the cartridge and it's a potent load.

I have loaded a bunch of .44 Specials using 777 and they are definitely a lot of fun. They feel warmer than my current load, though. I've never chronoed them. The boom is different and so are the faces of the other guys on the line. Everyone looks!

The Cimarrons are pressure tested for standard .45 Colt loads (SAAMI). They will handle a steady diet of these. Look in any major loading manual and pick the .45 Colt level. Do NOT use "Ruger Only" data (in fact, do NOT use "Ruger Only" data in the New Vaquero as it is in the same league as the Cimarron having a small frame size compard the the original Vaqueros).

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