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One issue with what ever you use to smooth out the bores is that you want to make sure it is "non-embedding" compound which the JB is.

Otherwise what you end up with is a grit embedded in the rifling which will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to acheve.

Typically lapping is that is done by hand is done with a lead slug that can be expanded or by shooting bullets that have been coated with the compound using VERY reduced loads.

Personally, I have had a few Pietta over the years, just shoot them and have fun. The return for your efforts of "smoothing" out the barrels will be next to nill. You will get more for your money changing out the springs and cleaning up the actions (if they '58 Rem. Copies)... Don't change the spring in the colt copies as you will end up with cap fagments in the action & get real frustrated real quick.

Good luck...
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