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Suggestions for varmint scope for .243

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I need a new rifle scope for my M700 ADL .243. This rifle is used for deer and coyote hunting, typical shots are from 200-350 yards. My budget is $250-$300. I'm interested in something along the lines of 4.5 x 14. I have a Burris signature series on another rifle and while I've had good success with it, I'm thinking of trying another manufacturer.
Any suggestions on brands, and magnifications would be greatly appreciated!!
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I have the Bushnell Trophy 4-12x with adjustable objective lens on two of my rifles and I think they are a very good scope. I have one mounted on a 6mm that I use for woodchucks and it seems ideal to me for that use.
Check out Cabela's Alaskan Guide line. I can honestly say I have no idea who makes them, but I put one on my .243 for varmint hunting and it is dynamite. I don't know if they'll hold up to recoil, but they are very accurate in adjustments and it has held it's zero for a couple of years now without any tweaking. It's in that price range, and it's a good scope in my opinion, I'm sure there are others on here that will say otherwise. Another option is to go with the Bushnell Elite series. I have a B&L Elite 3000 on my .30-06 and it's also a great scope.
Go to and take a look at these scopes. Prices are rough estimates:

Nikon Monarch 5.5x-16.5x-44mm ($350)
Bushnell Elite 4200 4x-12x-40mm ($340)
Nikon Monarch 4x-12x-40mm ($325)
Bushnell Elite 3200 5x-15x-40mm ($275)[/color]

I highly recommend these scopes for your use and your price range (granted most are a little above your $300 range, but really not much.)

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