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RaySendero said:
Robert said:
BigBill said:
the war maybe over soon and we will just pull out like Vietman the other lost cause were we lost american lives for nothing. BB
I don't know what all that has to do with ammo.....But...I think you should talk to someone who served in Iraq, and saw it for themselves. None of the returned soldiers that I have spoken to consider it to be "for nothing" and are proud to have been there fighting for Freedom.
I'll second what Robert said!!!

I've had the opportunity to participate at a local millitry shooting range for some competitions. The soldiers I've spoken say the same thing - They don't think it is "FOR NOTHING"!.
To quote some General officer, we're killing terrorists on their ground, not over here. Aside from the idyllic (and impossible) situation of having a war with no casualties among our troops, what could be better?

The MSM just wants to report body count, ours, not the terrorists.
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