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I was browsin around different sites last night and came across a post on yahoo's T/C group concerning the Price on the G2. Supposedly someone saw an MSRP for the G2 listed at $592.00.
I have not been following the G2 info very close but I know some of you fellas do, just thought I'd post this and see how many would think this price is worth it IF it ever comes out. I dont think I'd would go that much on one myself, too many nice used Contenders out there to be had for half that price. Just my armchair observation.

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$500.00 range

I am sure the gun will sell in the $500.00 range or about what the encore will cost.
Sure wall mart will be cheaper, but some small gun shops will be at LIST only.
With the wait over this new firearm the prices will be high at first
I am sure the prices will come down after awhile.
Who cares anyway? Most will just have to purchase one $600.00 or not.
Most have no problem spending over $600.00 for a ruger RH!
No big deal How much do we pay for our trucks?
Do we really have a choice?
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