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This one should surpise any who think venison is gamy.

Cook time 2 hours.

Take a clean venison rump roast, remove any visible silvermeat.
Thaw and hold at room temperature. cover the roast with salt black pepper tyme leaves and rosemary.

prepare the oven by having it pre-heated to 500 degrees. Get it hot !

Place the roast in a shallow roasting pan. Pour 2 oz. of GIN. over the roast and place the roast uncovered in the oven. Keep the heat on for 5 minutes for each pound of the roast. ( 2 pound 10 minutes )

After the "time" turn off the heat.

Allow the heat to continue cooking for 2 hours. During this time resist the temptation to open the oven. You will disturb the process.

After the 2 hours open the oven. You will find a beautiful roast cooked medium. Ready to slice, across the grain. for super tender great tasting meal.

This always works.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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