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Swaging tool design

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As a teenager back in the early 1960's I had a Corbin swaging set for .357mag. Long gone, traded for something else I wanted.

Now that I'm a little further along in life, I'm interested in building (I have a lathe and mill) tooling that can be used with standard presses using 7/8-14 dies.

Have any of y'all considered swaging bullets (from cast bullets or cast cylinders)? I think it would be interesting to refine the fit of a cast bullet to the throat by carefully designed dies.

What dies are out there (in design or for sale) that work on standard presses?

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Check on Ebay. There is a guy selling several different swaging dies. We got some ones for .22. Would not work in the Rock Chucker per his design. For the cost of the dies, and our cost for modification, we will get the dies from Richard Corbin. If this guy does a few mods, and takes our suggestion, his dies will work good in the Rock Chucker and other presses. We are just spoilt rotten with the walnut hill press and the speed those swaged bullets come out.

Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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