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Swaging tool design

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As a teenager back in the early 1960's I had a Corbin swaging set for .357mag. Long gone, traded for something else I wanted.

Now that I'm a little further along in life, I'm interested in building (I have a lathe and mill) tooling that can be used with standard presses using 7/8-14 dies.

Have any of y'all considered swaging bullets (from cast bullets or cast cylinders)? I think it would be interesting to refine the fit of a cast bullet to the throat by carefully designed dies.

What dies are out there (in design or for sale) that work on standard presses?

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Cat Whisperer,

I think that you might bear in mind this story of the 19th & early 20th century riflesmith Norman Brockway as you endeavor to swage cast bullets. Brockway, like all of the masters of shooting swaged bullets, experimented with alloys. With one lot of (realitvely) hard alloy, while reforming cast bullets in a large press he literally blew up a steel die set! Point of story: there is a hardness beyond which it is not practical to go in reforming cast bullets by swaging.

That said, my latest project has been to refashion Lyman #515141, a 50 cal bullet intended for the old 50-70 government cartridge, for use in a double barreled muzzleloader. I reduce the size of the bottom band to 0.499", swage the rest of the bands to 0.512" and start the hollow point in the first die. The second die pre-engraves the rifling and finishes the hollow point. The alloy I'm working with is 1:160. The results have been spectacular, both on paper and on deer.

I built the dies myself. I own a tool and die shop. I'm not interested in taking this sort of work on on a commercial basis.


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