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SWISS K-31 Scope Mount

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I just bought a K-31 from a local BIG-5 sporting goods here in SoCal. I am already considering putting a scope on it. I read that a company called SK makes a no gunsmith mount for it. Was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with one. I can't seem to find any pictures of it. It seems to be one of the cheapest I have read about at 75$.

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I did a search and found the S&K web site

I believe these scopebases are mounted on the original K-31 rear sight base. Something similar to the B-Square design for the Swedish Mausers, where you remove the ladder portion of the rear sight by pulling the hingepin. Don't know first hand about their quality or design
Going by the past comments made from B-Square buyers, they aren't the most stable mounts compared to the D&T mounts. You also have to consider that these mounts require a long eye-relief as in pistol scopes, or red-dot scopes. Have you considered the MoJo peep sight system? Excellent design!
I don't know what the current status of it is, but the moderator over on was having a run of scope bases made up for list members about a year and a half ago. You might want to check with him and see what became of them, it looked like a very good design.
Scope Mount

SavageT and Nobade, thanks for the info on the scope mounts. I was not aware that it was one of those long eye relief mounts. I also went to the SK website and found the item but for some reason I could not view there picture of it. I read something about the Mojo sights on Maybe i should go back and take another look. I have not had much experience with peep sights, but if it is cheaper I might give it a try.

The S&K InstaMount is probably a good design given the limitations for no drilling and tapping required by milsurp buffs. I just bought the MoJo peep sight system for my Swede M38 and find the price( $44.95) and design to be excellent. I prefer peep sights to just about anything else, maybe even a scope at times. Peep sights are fast on target, work w/o optics or batteries (red-dots), and are accepted by the most demanding bench-rest competitors.
Mojo Peep


I went to surplus and read the review on the mojos and then decided to order them last night. They sold me on there 'phase III' front and rear aperture set. I am looking forward to trying it out. The thing I like about scopes is that I did'nt have to wear my glasses. But i should probably just get used to it. Also saving a ton of doe. By the way, they have got the MNm44 on sale around here for 59$. They even have the winchester ammo 7.62x54R for sale also. I wonder if I shoud pick one up or hold out for one of the Finnish rife that is supposed to have a .308 bore. That is the reason I bought the k-31. Thanks for the info. BIGDODGE.

Glad you made the decision to go with MoJo Phase III System. You won't be disappointed. Then sometime in the future you can always replace the original sights for authenticity.

You'll want to check with Big Bill......He knows where the bargins are! He will try to convince you to get your C&R licence from the feds so you can start collecting seriously w/o :grin: paying transfer fees. Most of my earlier finds were through him. He's a great help on all matters when it concerns milsurps. (I'm just not ready to let the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agents into my home yet). Good Luck.
7.62x54R Bore Diameter

Hay BigDodge: That 7.62x54 carries a .308 bore diameter, as does the 7.5x55. There was a lengthy conversation about that issue on some of GBs older sites. The Lyman 43rd Edition identifies the bore as .308 diameter. Mikey.
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