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I have a synthetic fore end that fell out of the truck and got run over in my driveway.
It has long sense been replaced with another, but I got to thinking I could try some ideas on it without any risk.

So far I have cut the back end of (it was smashed) and installed a plastic fore end cap for a wood version.
This will allow me to trim or shim and adjust the tightness of fit like a wood fore end.

I have also bedded the entire fore end to the barrel in marine grade epoxy resin.
This also serves two purposes (in theory). Reduce barrel harmonics and even out stress between barrel and fore end.
Also the resin will harden and stiffen the fore end. Hopefully it will hold shape over a bigger temperature range.

Deer rifle season starts nest weekend here so I may not shoot a target for a while.
Just couldn't wait to give you guys a heads up.

P.S. My digital camera died. So I will have to come up with another to post pics.

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Great moves, sounds like FAQ material, keep us posted!! ;)

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