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T/C discontinues Contender barrels.......

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Just spoke to "Mike" at T/C Customer Service this morning and he confirmed the rumor that "T/C has discontinued all 10 inch and all 21 inch barrels for the Contender". He said they will still make most of the 14 inch and the 16 inch barrels. He also said that all Contender barrels will work on the G-2 except for the 45/410 barrels. He also said that the G-2 will be out in Feb.-2003. When I asked him if he had personally seen a G-2 he said "No", when asked if he had spoken to anyone who had seen a G-2 he said "No". He did verify that the G-2 will come out in a few new calibers that the Contender doesn't have. Kinda like saying that you can have a choice of any engine in the new hover car that Chevrodge in putting out next year, Ain't no such animal.
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:? I can tell you this from my own experience of trying to buy some TC/Contender barrels from some of our suppliers is they do not have any frames or barrels. I called AccuSport, Ellet Brothers and Henry's they have been deleted form there inventory. Joe
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