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t/c price check

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Need a price check on a Contender, its a new in the box .223, the barrel is 12" with open sights, wood stocks. I can get it for 389.00 +tx. Is this a good price?

thanks spotteddog
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:D Thats a fair price. Even for a used rig its a fair price. Good luck norm
Last new frame I bought was $211 two years ago. Barrels are about $200 for a total of $411. That is a good price for a new in the box, I would sure get it if I wanted it.
I got it

I just came home from picking it up, christmas present from the wife.I was wrong about the barrel its 14".Cant wait to try it out. Thanks again for the replies. :grin:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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