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t/c service

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:D You fellas are not kidding what so ever i my self sent the frame and barrels back to t/c for repairs the barrels to frame rattled real bad and the hammer's slining safty did'nt work they replased all parts and gave my frame a new trigger assembly and new hammer .
plased the .22 barrel on frame and shot shorts out of it great accuracy to 25 yards good enouhg for tree rats.
plased the .44 mag octagon on it witha t/c 2x light retical and fired 15 rounds, having the lighted reticle device thing pop off and hit me in the head, weel called t/c and they sais to send the scope back to them for repairs, well they didn't send me aconfirmation card but a brand spankin new 2x7x20 lighted reticle scope with new base and rings , this stuff would have cost me almost 400.00 , man t/c has my buisness for life, i'm extremly happy with their products and will be getting a new encore this comming spring. :D :D
happy contender man in georgia'
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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