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"tactical weapons and accessories"banned from eastern sports and outdoors show

Reed Exhibitions, the group who holds the Harrisburg Show in February, will not allow any tactical weapons to be displayed or advertised.

This could also disallow the sale of raffle tickets, etc. if one of the prizes is such a weapon.

They are claiming it’s a “hunting show” and thus these types of firearms will not permitted.

Please spread the word and contact the shows promoters and let them know how you perceive this attack on our 2nd Amendment.

Emails, letters, or phone calls may be made to:

Reed Exhibitions USA

383 Main Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851



Email: [email protected][/color]

Be sure to reference the Harrisburg show in your message.

But sham-wow and giant cell phone accessories stands are hunting related

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Re: "tactical weapons and accessories"banned from eastern sports and outdoors show

Last weekend I went to the Pittsburgh mills gunshow. There was tremendous support for Gun appreciation day. I only hope the guys on the East Side of the state show equal support, and like the many venders that have pulled out of the ESOS, refuse to participate in this ridicules politically correct stance by the organizers of the ESOS. Loss of revenue will send a clear message to them.
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