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Tasco Scopes

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Can anyone tell me who services and repairs Tasco scopes? Is the lifetime or the limited warranty still honored? I know that Bushnell has bought Tasco and now makes some scopes with the Tasco name. But I don't know if Bushnell does the repair work on the old Tasco scopes. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. 8)
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Bushnell in FL fixes them BUT...................

wont fix them under warranty

I help ruin a brand new scope on a mossberg 835 ultimag 12 ga this fall

by help i mean i shot the gun not mounted the scope

we sent it to FL and they said $25 and we wil fix it

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Tasco fix

Jamie, thanks. I guess I'll have to pay the $25. At least I can still get it fixed. 8)
Tasco No Fault Warranty

From an insert in a Tasco World Class scope box:

" If this product is ever damaged and fails to operate at any time during your lifetime, Tasco will repair or replace it without charge.* "

"This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty applies only to products purchased in the United States of America."

"Should it become necessary to repair or replace your Tasco product, package the unit carefully and return it prepaid to:

The Tasco Service Center
2889 Commerce Parkway
Miramar, FL 33025
Phone: (954) 252-3700

Include your name and address, a brief note explaining the defect and a check or money order for $10.00 to cover inspection, shipping and handling. The unit will be either repaired or replaced at the discretion of the warrantor.

If you need to call or write Tasco about this product please include the model number and the country of origin."

* except the $10.00 handling fee

Copyright 1997 Tasco Sales, Inc.

Personally, I have never used the warranty.... never needed it
my small arms arsenal includes 6 Tasco scopes, World Class or World Class Plus
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Bushnell bought tasco and............

We were told yup we bought them and nope we dont warranty them

When we complained they said true they HAD A LIFETIME WARRANTY, but Tasco is no longer and we dont service them under warranty

In a nut shell we were told that we are S.O.L.

but they can and will fix for $25 for our problem (semi self induced but they did not indicate that it was our fault)

I dont have the address handy but I know my uncle sent it to FL


PS I will never own a Tasco again, I have help ruin too many besides this last one, but mast were my fault ( my air guns eat scopes for lunch)
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tasco scopes

.45 Kimber, Air guns will eat scopes because air guns recoil foward not backwards. Air gun scopes have lock rings on both sides of the lens to keep the lens in place. I've used Tasco scopes for many years, and for the most part they have held up good for me. I've sent a few back for repair. The cross hairs rotating and occasionally fogging up in really wet weather (that is the problem I have now), were the main problems. If you can find the address to sent the scopes for repair please post it here. I'll keep checking back here, or email it to me. Thanks. Joe 8)
Bushnell problem..

Sounds like Bushnell is the problem rather than Tasco. I've had only good dealings with Tasco and other manufacturers of sporting equipment. If Bushnell won't take care of issues with the Tasco Scopes I for one will shop elsewhere. I don't need Bushnell. They need ME.
tucoblue and joe kool

I agree with you Bushnell needs us not the other way around

Joe I will find that address for you and post it

And yes I found out the hard way about the airguns we have been shooting them for 20+ years and I finally found a few good airgun scopes that weren't more then the dang guns

thank you

i was uncertain of the change
thats why i put the copywrite date above
tasco info

Here is the info on the Tasco people: their web is
this is the info they sent me.

All Tasco Warranty is now ceased and it is a new ABO (USA) policy will
be in
effect as follows.

ABO (USA) will promptly repair or replace, as it deems most suitable at
option, the product which is defective in material or workmanship at
nominal cost of $23.00 per unit.
New policy of ABO (USA) does not cover defects caused by improper
installation, maintenance, abnormal use, alteration or accident.
All costs associated with the shipment of the product to ABO (USA) are
responsibility of the product owner.

Insurance: If you wish to have additional insurance in case of damage
loss during the return shipment, we can insure your product at a cost
$1.00 per $100.00.
Letter: Enclosed a letter with your name, return address, telephone
and brief description of what is wrong with the product, along with a
or money order in the amount of $23.00 plus insurance cost if
Packing: Pack your product securely to prevent damage.
Term: Normally 4-6 weeks. If our technician estimates that it may take
than the period specified, we will notify you about the delay.
Warranty: 90 days from return date.
Shipping address: ABO (USA), INC.
2653 NW 20th Street
Miami, FL 33142-7105
For more information: (305)860-4858 - Warranty information line
(305)859-2010 - Customer Service line
(305)372-8616 - Fax
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tasco scopes

.45 Kimber, thanks for taking the time to look up this information and post it. I didn't have any idea of where to start to looking for this address. I'm sure you helped out a lot of other people that have tasco scopes in need of repair. Joe :agree: 8)
no problems guys thats what friends are for


I did not do a ton of work I emailed my uncle he did all the leg work

I just took some credit

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