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TC .22 Hornet

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I have a Browning Buck Mark with a red dot scope that I bought for shooting ground squirrels, rabbits, and the like. However, since I have a decked out 10/22, it doesn't get much use in that department. I have been thinking of trading that Buck Mark for a T/C Contender in 22 Hornet, so I can take the same animals at a longer distance with about the same size gun. Does anyone have any experience with this gun/caliber combo? I am thinking I would probably shoot at rabbits, ground squirrels and rockchucks from 25 to 150 yards with either the 35 grain V-max loads, or some 40 grain hollowpoints. I don't handload (yet), so I will be using factory ammo. Any help would be appreciated.
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:D Hi neighbor over the pass. If I were in your shoes, and doing the things you described, I would get the .223 barrel in 14" for the contender. Ammo is everywhere and price is cheap. Lots more bang for your buck, and will outdo the hornet, without a whole lot of recoil. Hornet ammo is available, but is not cheap. I am not putting down the hornet, i have one also. Just for squirrels, chucks, and coyotes, I think you would have more fun with the .223 and the range it extends over the hornet.

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