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Hi, LeftoverKJ,
Yes, you can make lead only bullets with those CH dies, but you'll need to figure out a way to lub them. I use one of Corbin's 'waffel' cannaleur machines.
Too, you can look into Corbin's brass base guards to make "replacements" for the zinc washers you mentioned. Of course, you will need an additional internal punch with a small indent in it to form the rivit to the base guard. As far as AL is concerned, it's been tried and apparently doesn't work very well. Corbin comments on it in one of his many writtings.
I've a few kindly used CH 2-die sets for .38/.357 and .451, along with some optional power extractors, and plenty of 1/2 jackets (Hurters I think) for anyone who is interested. I got them before switching to the Corbon system. Before e-mailing, be sure you can get your own cores. 8)
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