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Well today was the first time I was able to test fire my new 15 inch 45-70 encore barrel. The first few shots was with 300 gr JHP over 46 Gr or Reloader 7 talk about a handful but it was close to the 375 jdj on my contender.

I then took out the sabot loads I made up.
the load is a .350 round ball in a 45 caliber sabot from over a charge of 50.8 gr of IMR 4895.

I did not have the barrel sighted in at all just wanted to see what it was like shooting it.
I set up a paper plate out at 30 yards. the first shot was about 1/2 inch hight and to the left, 2 nd shot was right on and to the left just under the first, 3 rd shot was just to the right of the 2 nd all in all about 1 inch groub while not great it wasn't bad for not being sighted in and no real rest..

I did have quite a bit of unburned powder in the cases so I may drop the charge down to like 35 gr of the IMR 4895 and see how that works. it had no recoil even my 5 year old son was able to shoot it with no troubles.
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