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I have a hunting ranch in the texas hill country with a modern cabin with all the comforts of home. Game includes White tail, turkey, hogs and varmits. The ranch has only been bow hunted and muzzleloader for the past 8 years and game managed for 5 years now with a suplimental high protien feed program. I never have leased out the ranch since I have owned it. Myself and 3 of my closest friends hunt the ranch and maintain it. We are wanting to swap a private land hunt in New Mexico or Colorado for elk with a muzzle loader or rifle. Might even consider a bow hunt but we already tried this on public land and found it very hard due to all the pressure on the game. We would like to find something for all 4 of us but would settle for 2 at a minimum. Get in touch with me if your interested and we can take it from there. [email protected]
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