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I recently requested scope info for my new SRH in 44 mag.

I ended up getting the Burris 2-7x32. Thanks again to Greybeard for originally turning me on to it. I do to much long range plinking at the range to settle for a straight 2x. The variable eye relief was no issue as I only hunt from 2x-3x and all other long range plinking is from the bench. The FOV on this thing is fantastic.

Got the scope from Natchez for $254.00 and picked up a scope ring lapping tool from EJS (Sinclair's son Eric) for $16.00.

This was the first set of scope rings I ever lapped. I now know what you guys are talking about when you say imperfection. I was lapping the Ruger factory rings for the SRH and you would not believe how much metal I had to remove just to get 75% contact. If I would have mounted this scope without lapping it would have literally only been held by the leading edge of each ring. On my intitial lap I was making contact with less than a millimeter on the front edge of each ring.

Thanks again guys.

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