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That's a new one on me.

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My wife shoots with this rest and it is whisper quiet. Are you using aluminum or carbon arrows?

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She is using

the Carbon Express 200 arrows.
Quieting the Whisker Biscuit

Any carbon arrows with a textured (Camo) finish will make noise on any rest. Use carbon arrows with a smooth or polished finish.
Quieting the Whisker Biscuit

He's right any arrow with a broken pattern finish will cause it to somewhat grab and create excess noise. A little breaking in period never hurts either. I've been shooting the same whisker holder on mine for three years now and I'd say it's about broken in like I want it. When it wears out I want to replace it with a new one but I want to try turning the adjustment slot till it faces straight up so I can drop the arrow down onto the rest instead of loading it from behind. Wasn't paying attention one time, I had my eyes on a deer and not the front of the broadhead. I went to load the arrow and pushed the broadhead right across the string cutting it clean in half. Boy, did that get my attention!!

Frog :D
Quieting the Whisker Biscuit

Try Turtle wax on the arrows.
heres what to use in the wisker...

use a spray can of SILICONE SPRAY... its what is reccomended by
the wisker bis. makers.. its the lube that is actually used in the making
of the bisqit as it will not harm it in any way... just spray it good,
use a paper towel to dap it and get the excess off.. and your arrows will
slip thru like doo-doo thru a goose... quietly as well....

Be extremely cautious when adding lube to a whisker bisquit rest as it WILL play havoc with the rest when the rest is wet. The arrows will slip down into the bristles via their own weight when lubed bristles are wet!

Try it before going afield with a lubed rest.
Quieting the Whisker Biscuit

I had several cusstomers have the same problem and to correct it we sprayed the rest with the silcon spray and also then use auto wax on the shafts. This seemed to do the trick. One other person said he also sprayed his arrow with silcon spray and it stoped the noise level...I also had some customer have problems with the rest freezing up in cold and snow conditions. We solved this by using the silcon spray on the wb rest assembly.

i can see perhaps knocking or bumping the arrow and it getting dislodged.. but otherwise theres no way its going to just fall down
into the wiskers..unless your bisquit is worn out.
Quieting the Whisker Biscuit

A tight biscuit can cause noise, so always keep a loose biscuit to arrow fit. Rough arrows can be noisey too, try buffing them with steel wool. Dirt and dust can make equiptment noise too, if the biscuit is dirty wash it with soap and water. Excessive nock pressure can increase the downward pressure of the arrow on the rest and create noise, this is a common problem with shorter bows and more acute string angles. Atilted biscuit can also cause noise, the biscuit should be perpendicular to the arrow shaft. Hope this has been useful. I've used these rests for over three years and never had a problem with them.
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