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That's too bad, but it sounds like you were wanting to do some stock modifications anyway!

Normally, I don't drop a rifle or do similar stuff until I'm watching some kind of game animal, usually of the turkey or deer type. They tend to make me all jittery. Then, when I do, the deer just stand there and look at me, totally unarmed. What I'm trying to say is that although it was bad, it could have been worse! Ol' mossy horns sure can make a man stumble...

As to your proposed stock improvements, have you tried to contact McPherson? I've never corresponded with him, but I have a feeling that if you could find out how to reach him that he'd have some insight for you. That idea's about all the help I am able to give.

'Bout those smooth stocks - I had one on my 336, but an old girlfriend's dog got hold of it while I was asleep one night and "checkered" it for me. When I saw his splintery grin the next morning I just about gave him a taste of the other end of that rifle!

Sorry to hear about the accident.

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