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The .44 as a self defense weapon!?!

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I like my .44's so much, I've actually taken to carrying my Redhawk, 4" barrel, as my sd piece. I also have it matched up with a Marlin 1894S for a longarm. I like the caliber for making 'big' holes if necessary, much like the .45ACP. So accordingly, I've taken to carrying .44 SPECIALS instead of magnum loads for SD/CCW. They act much like a .45ACP and the recoil is light enough for manageable followup shots.

So what's your take on choosing a .44 for such work?
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my personal thought! if you can shoot it and hit with it so be it! enough said! i often carry a smith model 57 in 41 mag that was customized by magnaport to a 3 inch barrel and a round butt and bobbed hammer! just an awesome piece of hardware
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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