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The best firearms

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:-D Well I don't have any luck with cars,but I have yet to run into a lemon Ruger.I started shooting them in the 70's, started with Single Six 22,10-22,M77,Old Army,#1,Mark2,and the cream of crop the RV in 44-40 and 45Colt. I have not had to send one back to Ruger for any breakdowns.And I'm trying to wear em out....I just took my #1 30-06 apart for a good cleaning and was happy to get it back togeather without parts missing.Im glad to see this Forum for Rugers

Smokeless in Greene Co,PA
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Ill agree Smokeless I have bad luck with cars to and I am a mechanic. Oh well. I hope we all can enjoy this new forum.
new forum

now let me get this straight since I used to own a gunshop and I have several different brands of guns do I come here to praise my rugers or to belittle all the other ones?? JUST KIDDING good luck with new forum :D JIM
RE: Ruger Firearms

I guess this is about as good a spot as any to start. Some of you guys might remember me. I changed jobs and lost touch with some changeovers last year. Probably the last thing I posted was the fact that I got myself a new Ruger #1 in .243. The gun has a nice bausch n lomb scope (3x9) and the combination had its chance to prove itself a couple of weeks ago. Got me a little ole 4 pointer. The shot laid perfectly where it should have. GB would probably have been impressed with it. Nice little hole on the right side, and during dressing I found out what else this little bullet did. Completely vaporized the heart, or exploded it, you take it whichever way you want. On the way out it took 2 ribs and left a hole the size of a quarter thru the left shoulder. No wonder he dropped in his tracks, kicked twice and that was that. Some say the 243 is too small but I stand with my beliefs thats it really is a combination of accuracy of the gun and shot placement. Well enough about my encounter, I hope everyone else is having a great season. I was at chocolocco WMA and saw 3 does in a desserted spot, so if I dont get that big buck I will grab one of those during the doe season if I am lucky. More later. :D
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The Best Guns

Yep, gotta agree with that. I have been buying and shooting guns for about 20+ years now. I have had a few that made me feel sorry for spending my hard earned cash on them. But buying a Ruger is a sure thing, I have never felt bad about the money I have spent on any of my Rugers. I have six of them right now, love every one of them and am working on getting the seventh!

In my opinion, Rugers are the best made guns on the planet, bar none.
Dreams_of_Guns what Rugers do you have ? I like them also .
Re: The Best Guns

Dreams_of_Guns said:
In my opinion, Rugers are the best made guns on the planet, bar none.
Dreams_of_Guns you obviously have never owned a Freedom Arms revolver :-D
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