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the best snowmachine?

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the best snowmachine?

Mad trapper I would highly recommend you go with a long track snowmobile. The long track will make all the difference in the world when breaking a trail or pulling a heavy load. We own 2 sleds one is a long track and one has a standard 121 inch track and the long track will out preform the short track in deep snow and on ice all day long. Also the long track has more storage area than the short track for trapping off of a snowmobile your going to want all the storage you can get.

Ive used our long track to skid firewood out of the woods before in deep snow and never once have had any trouble, I wouldnt dream of doing that with the short track sled.

We own skidoo snowmobiles and are very happy with them. My Dad ran skidoo's all his life and they ran great with very little trouble year after year. When me and the girlfriend decided we wanted to buy new snowmobiles I decided to look around and talk to some people about what was what and everything still pointed at skidoo as the best brand.
I talked to service poeple that didnt sell them this way I wouldnt get people pushing THERE BRAND on us. Everbody I talked to said Skidoo was the snowmobile they seen least of for repairs and are the cheapest to repair when somthing did go wrong. We have been back into snowmobiles now since the winter of 2000 and have had not one bit of trouble with are snowmobiles. The only thing we have done is your general maintance sparkplugs,oil/fuel filters wearbars and highfax and grease them up a few times a winter.

I hope all this rambling help you in your search for the perfect snowmobile. You may also want to go to and ask there. I know there are some guys that run snowmobiles on the trapline from canada and alaska that could help you out.

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