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The CALENDAR of cannon and mortar shooting events

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To maximize fun by participating, you may post information regarding upcoming blackpowder cannon and mortar shoots here. If you have the informtion, include:

Name of the event:




phone # for info:

email or URL for info:

sponsoring people/organization:

directions to the site:
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The CALENDAR of cannon and mortar shooting

Cat Whisperer,

That link that you posted to the Skirmish in March won't open the link buttons on my computer. Can you tell me where this event is going to be held? Ft. Shenanadoah maybe?
The CALENDAR of cannon and mortar shooting

Is anyone up for a BPM&C joint get together to form a peanut gallery to watch the cannons and mortars shoot at the EARLY BIRD SKIRMISH
March 7-9, 2003 at Ft. Shenandoah?
The CALENDAR of cannon and mortar shooting

I got the following email from Ron Beatty about the Early bird skirmish.

The MORTARS will compete on Saturday, March 8th starting at 10:30 (setup begins at 10:00). The match runs about one hour and usually we have between 5-8 teams competing.

It is not an "Open" competition as you have to be a Member Unit of the North-South Skirmish Association to compete but visitors are always welcome.

Directions to Fort Shenandoah.

From Winchester, Va., take route 522 North. About 7 miles outside of Winchester on 522N, you come BP Gas Station/Convenience Store on your right. After passing the store/gas station, you will make your second right (Route 600), Make the next RIGHT turn and follow that road about one mile. You will come to Fort Shenandoah. Pass the barn and follow road down the hill. After crossing a vehicle bridge, follow the road to the right and Mortars will be competing on the far end of the line near a "mini tower".

Hope to see you there...

Anybody interested in meeting up there and watching the excitement?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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