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Have you read the FAQ's-just for fun poll, This is not a serious poll and is done just for training

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I was sitting around with not much to do because it was hot in the shop. I was was looking over Evil Dogs post on making paper quills. I got to thinking it would be nice to collect all the neat ideas like that all in one one area where they were easy to find. Things like this are frequently asked Questions and may be they would be good in the FAQ's posting.

I started looking for things to post and went looking for a post I put up some time back on making foil wrapped cartridges. I couldn't find it. So I decided that I would go ahead link up Evil Dog's post and look for some other stuff to post.

I opened up the FAQ's and there was the cartridge making post. Bah humbug them Moderators are good they already had it posted. So I went out in the shop anyway and made another golf ball mortar.

One of the the requests we often get is for cannons plans. I am going to link up everyone Golf ball mortar plans in the FAQ when they are posted.

Just a reminder that everyone must post their entry for the Golf ball Mortar contest September 1st. Here's how it will work.

Each entrant will open their own topic for their own mortar. This will make it easier on dial up users to view each mortar. The topics will be open to the board for discussion.

You must post a drawing of your mortar. Your drawing must provide all dimensions suitable for others to make their own copy of your mortar. The drawing can be on the side of an old cardboard box and done with a crayon as long as some one could use the drawing to make their own gun.
The mortar must be golf ball bore

You must post a picture or pictures of your mortar.

Your post should describe your design and must tell how you used the furnished material.

You must post your score from the mortar match.

After everyone has posted their entry and we have discussed everybodies designs and determined everyone has met the entry requirements we'll settle on categories.

I am also experimenting with the poll function so I see how it works and may use that function for the contest.
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