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David Arnold <[email protected]>
> "...the greatest mole of them all..."
> The Poison
> of Suspicion
> For 30 years, he worked as a Soviet spy, betraying British secrets to the
KGB. For this, H.A.R. (Kim) Philby has been called “the Napoleon of
deception, the greatest mole of them all.” A New York Times editorial said of
Philby, and his fellow double-agents, “Beyond information, their greatest
service to Moscow was to spread the poison of suspicion, setting ally against
> According to Psalm 15:3, one sign of a true follower of Christ is “He does not
backbite with his tongue.” The word used here comes from a root signifying
foot, and denotes a person who goes from place to place, speaking things he
should not. A word from this root signifies spies, speaking of those who pry
into secrets about others, and oftentimes represent them in a false light.
Spurgeon said, “Such are ranked among the worst of men, and are very unfit to
be in the society of saints, or in a church of Christ.”
> John Wesley told that, at Epworth, on one occasion, a wagon load of Methodists
were brought before the magistrates. “What have they done?” asked the
magistrate. That was a point the prosecution had not considered. Then, one
said, “Please, sir, they converted my wife. Before she went among them, she
had such a tongue! But now she is as quiet as a lamb.” “Take them back,” said
the magistrate, “and let them convert all the scolds in the parish!”3
> “The tale-bearer carries the devil in his tongue, and the tale-hearer carries
the devil in his ear.”4
> Have you encountered suffering, distress, and frustration? There is hope and help
through Jesus Christ, our perfect Savior.
> "Christianity is not an insurance policy against life's ills and troubles." Billy
> In Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?, you will find answers to life's
greatest moral questions.
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