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Hello everyone. I posted this question on another site. Got responses from Howa owners, but none of them have shot this rifle. Maybe some of you out there have.
A while back, I read an article regarding this rifle. It was very positive, but, I'm always concerned about media bias. A couple of days ago, I was in a local shop looking at the Sako 75 Varmint and the Weatherby Varmint Master. I saw the Howa and asked to see it. This is what I saw: I noticed the laminated stock was vented, had a free floating barrel, wood to metal fit was very good to excellent, the stainless was even and the same tone from receiver and trigger guard to barrel tip. I learned that it has an easily adjustable trigger. It was half the price of the other two. So on a whim, I placed an order for one in 22-250. The bottom line, is the Howa as good or better than it looks, or do you get what you pay for.

John (Rojo)

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