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Yesterday I finally got the higher fore sight blade required for the Redfield 70 Reciever sight. Took a bit of hassle finding an original type Williams Gold Bead fore sight blade but managed it. It wanted, or so I thought ::), a 0.312" high blade but they only had some 0.451" high ones in stock so I got two of those and my luck must have turned as it's spot on ;D

Using the original square bladed fore sight with the sight arm wound right down so it touched the top of the action even at 50 yards it was shooting high :'( and with the sight this low the front of the comb was uncomfortable when shooting so I wound up the sight arm to where it had a decent bit of clearence so windage could be applied if needed and the comb felt more comfortable then set the zero plate at the "1" on the elevation scale:-

and set the windage to zero on the scale. The new foresight was centralised by eye ;) and it's about correct as the target shows:-

I fired 5 rounds to make sure of grouping at 25 yards then dropped back to 50 yards (measured) and fired one more to see where it would impact. That's the one slightly right of centre just touching the white aiming spot (which measures 1.450") which is actually a price label ;) as I was given a whole box of them some years back. Point of aim is 6 o'clock on the white spot and it looks like we might be on for 100 yards with this setting and will test that idea at a later date. All shots were done prone but not using a sling :-[.

The ammunition used is milsurp 303 HXP83 and I am quite happy with the result ;D now all I have to do is get used to the sights and load up some suitable hunting ammunition. For range pratice I can use milsurp as I have a fair bit on hand and with practice I hope to be able to tighten up the grouping ammunition allowing of course..Oh for those who wonder the target is a Shoot,N,C Whitetail Deer target heance the "Heart" ;).
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