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Every day, to and from work, I pass an American and our Republic's flags at the enterance to a home back off the road. While back I noticed that they were new...
AND the Texas flag was upside down!
Now I let that go thinking the owners would see this and change it, but they never did.
Finally, on the way home yesterday, I'd had enough. Stopped the pick-up and got the Republic's flag facing right side up. (Now for you from other parts, it would seem easy to tell the red from the white and that the star points up, but you would be suprised how many people get it wrong. I believe that the people from North Carolina are the only ones that have a good excuse--check out the two flags some time--you'll see what I mean)
Don't know if I was tresspassing or not but just couldn't stand it any longer.
Respect is something people sometimes forget to show..... :roll:
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