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hi, I just figured i would tell everybody here how bad I blew my only chance for a goose this year :( but here goes

it was early on a saturday mornig and we had been doing great on the ducks they were coming in one after another an iwas shooting great i hit everything i shot at, and the geese here they come from behind, they weer still very far off but there was a ton of them, and while we were calling them the ducks were all over but we waited cause we wanted the geese cause I hadnt got one all season so far and finally they got up to the blind but they were so high i couldnt belive it, and i shot but missed on all 3 shots my grandpa had a 10gauge and got one, the problem was is he was very well alive still and was taking off for the low fence, so guess who had to chase, not gramps, me :) , im fine with that but he was way out there and i got him, but the geese were coming in agian, the same ones!, well anyway i had no shot and they were headed for the blind and i had one shell on me, and my grandps was in the blind, and of course i just layed down way out in the feild so he had a shot at them,HE NEVER SHOT cause he thought i was gonna shoot, well when they came over again they were still high, i took my one shot and that was it, nothing :cry: but oh well ill try next season

anyone else got some stories to tell?
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