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Took the H&R Ultra w/ synthetic stocks to the range today.
Was using the 44 mag. barrel. Thought I'd give the 223 barrel a rest after using out in Oklahoma on the PD shoot.
So upon using my regular load I found the POI was off. OK, no big deal. Adjusted the 6X36 fixed Leupold to POI. Now these 300 grainers kick pretty hard. So after a while I noticed the plastic on the stock starting to peel, at the top where the trigger is, where the stock meets the reciver.
So when I get home I figured just needed a little tightning. Well had a little trouble getting the bolt out, but it finally came. Cause I figured I had to shave off where the stock had peeled the plastic. When I looked at the bolt, ( If you can believe it.) the bolt was bent, half way down the threads.
What I can figure is that when the rifle fell off the bench out in OK, It must have landed on the buttstock, and bent the bolt. Wes helped me rezero the scope out there, and kept on shooting.
Took the bolt out of my NWTF shotgun and put it on the Ultra. Gonna have to order another bolt this week.
I think this goes to show how TOUGH these rifles really are.

Dennis :D
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