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jd45 said:
This is just a matter of curiousity, but could someone tell me the correct pronounciation of it & the origin if the word that describes the curved portion of a bullet's nose? (at least as I understand it). I'd really like to know........& thanx, jd45
P. S.........Happy 4th of July
Start first with the word OGEE (see below) and then to the specific occurances of the ogee curve in the ogive. (A common term when dealing with transitions from one surface to another with two curves that smooth the transition from one surface to the diagonal to the other surface as in sheetmetal work or castings or wrought iron work.

Pronunciations given were CORRECT.

Here are a few definitions from the dictionaries on line:
Main Entry: ogee javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/')javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/')
Variant(s): also OG javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/')javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/')/'O-"jE/
Function: noun
Etymology: obsolete English ogee ogive; from the use of such moldings in ogives
1 : a molding with an S-shaped profile
2 : a pointed arch having on each side a reversed curve near the apex -- see ARCH illustration
OGIVE (a French term, of which the origin is obscure; auge, trough, from Lat. augere, to increase, and an Arabic astrological word for the " highest point." have been suggested as derivations), a term applied in architecture to the diagonal ribs of a vault. In France'the name is generally given to the pointed arch, which has resulted in its acceptance as a title for Gothic architecture, there often called " le style ogival."
o jaiv
o jaiv Definition 1. the diagonal rib of a Gothic vault. Definition 2. a pointed, usu. Gothic arch. Definition 3. the curved nose of a projectile such as a bullet, rocket, or missile.
Main Entry: ogive
Pronunciation: 'O-"jIv
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English oggif stone comprising an arch, from Middle French augive diagonal arch
1 a : a diagonal arch or rib across a Gothic vault b : a pointed arch
2 : a graph of a distribution function or a cumulative frequency distribution
3 : OGEE 1
O"give (?), n. [F. ogive, OF. augive a pointed arch, LL. augiva a double arch of two at right angles.] (Arch.) The arch or rib which crosses a Gothic vault diagonally.

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WD45 said:
you guys are getting way to technical fer most of us people..
Fer all us untechnical people it originated from westrn terminlolgy extrapolated from the song... OGIVE me a home where the buffalo rome and for no real reason at all applied to the curvy part of the bullet. :)

Ahhhhh the maditory element of survival in life - humor! Keep it coming!
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