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Does the HSUS and PETA affect your life?

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I am new to your community but I am not new to the effects of ridiculous lies that the HSUS and PETA indiscriminately spread.
You may think that you are immune to these lies but you are not. I came to you tonight to inform you of how you may be affected. this is the reason that I joined your community. I see that a lot of you are politically active and most of you enjoy the great outdoors and many aspects of it. The HSUS and PETA would not discern between you, the hunters and fishermen,(and women), and the criminals. They say that we are the criminals! They have spent countless millions of dollars, collected under false pretenses, to pass legislation against you and your gamefowl breeding brethren. The HSUS claims to operate animal shelters, they operate none. When they are done with their current agenda they will be after you and me next! We, in their eyes, are no more than killers of the innocent. The sweet little Bambi's and "wabitts" and poor little duckies and geese, to them are not to be touched. PETA says that animals have as much rights, or even more rights, than do we! There are people out there that do not realize the potential dangers of such organizations. Most people seem to believe that after the HSUS and PETA are done with Micheal Vick and the like, they will simply fade into the background. More like ascend to the foreground. There is much more information out there about the current state of this great country and what these wacko groups are doing to it. Or rather, what we are allowing these organizations to do. It seems to me that unless a person is directly affected by these people, they just don't care. I am here to raise your hackles so to speak. I want you to care! If we all don't join in this fight now, we may never have the chance. The HSUS and PETA have the best war plan ever devised. That is of course divide and conquer. They target small groups of people with similar interests. they never bite off more than they can chew. Instead of attacking everyone who has ever killed an animal, they target first the sporting folks. Those that use the natural antics and attributes of an animal for pleasure. Right now it is the gamefowl community. Next it could be those who enjoy horseback riding. Because those poor horses are being forced to do our bidding. Then it's those that fish, those that hunt, then just those that own guns. You can see for yourself how they operate. There are many people who are finding these facts the hard way. Many people who's family business have been all but shut down by these organizations. The government say that it does not matter because these industries don't bring in more than 100 million dollars a year! That's a lot of money that these people are being denied simply over a disagreement of lifestyles. Not exactly the American way is it? It didn't use to be. I really hope that you all have realized this before I posted it. If you haven't that's ok too. I hope someone will respond to this. All comments and opinions are welcome.(not that you really needed me to tell you that) I really want some questions about this subject, or at least some feedback. Yeah defiantly feedback! I really hope this was not the wrong place to post this and if it is would the moderator in charge please either direct me to the proper place or have it moved. Thank you for listening.
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