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Well, the wife (Bless Her Heart) bought me a new Mach 2 saturday...First NEF I have owned so far. Was threatening to get a 223 a while back but ended up getting a new barrel for my Encore instead.

Anyway, I didn't have a scope to put on the Sportster, so I took the BSA Red Dot off my 870 shotgun and put it on the Mach 2......Not bad...not bad at all.

I was only shooting at about 40 yards to get it close....leaning out the passenger window and fighting off B57 sized Misquitos at the same time but I did get it centered. Centered meaning 1 rounf touching the 1/4" diamond in the center of the target with the next shot breaking into the prior shot.

Ought to prove real interesting when I have a chance to fine tune it or put a regular scope on.
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